The Mini Greenhouse option, for small growing spaces!

The mini greenhouse is a cheaper option than a full size greenhouse or you may want one to supplement your main greenhouse with extra space. If lack of space is an issue, the miniature version is ideal. There are various designs but they all perform the same function as any greenhouse in protecting plants from the elements and pests. 
Facing southeast or southwest is the best way of maximizing sunlight and ventilation is essential against excessive heat, however you can use a mini greenhouse just the same with some great growing results regardless of where you decide to put it.
Plastic Greenhouse
Some gardeners only use them to grow plants in the winter. They are light and easy to move and storage for the other months shouldn't be a problem. Some models come with wheels and some are free standing. Miniatures can be placed on a sun deck or patio.

The polythene mini greenhouse with a metal frame and zip door is the least expensive. It contains two to five shelves and designs often allow the shelves to be removed to fit in tomato plants and other tall plants. Because they are lightweight, strong winds could damage them, so they need to be sheltered. Some are sold with guy ropes to address this problem. The wooden framed mini greenhouses are sturdier and the windows are normally made from shatterproof polycarbonate sheet. They also usually contain movable shelves and it's convenient to arrange pots and seedling trays where you want them.

Another version of the mini greenhouse is the lean to, which is erected against a wall. The wall stores and gives off heat, so it is a very efficient system. The construction can be made to match the house resulting in an attractive extension. A box on the windowsill may also be considered to be a miniature greenhouse of sorts. It's cheap low technology and easy to look after. Seedlings do well given enough sunlight and watering. Some of them have a cover and some have a heating element. The window box can therefore be placed in the house or in the garage.

Accessories for the mini include wall fixing rings and replacement covers and some greenhouses are sold with a spare cover. The shelves are referred to as 'tiers.' Deciding on the size of your mini will depend on how much room you have and what you want to use it for. A two or three tier greenhouse will be sufficient if the sole aim is to start seeds off. However many tiers there are, make sure pots and seed trays are not left standing on the floor where the frost can get to them.  The mini is easy to assemble and easy to keep clean. Families will enjoy tasty home grown food from even the smallest ones available. If you look after them, mini greenhouses will serve you for years.

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