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Tips To Help Surf The Internet Safely

In this day and age the Internet has taken over our daily lives. Though the Internet makes our lives easier in many aspects, criminals also have an easier time gaining access to personal information. Before you visit a website, click an email or make a purchase, it’s important to think things through and follow the Internet safety tips outlined below!

*Get acquainted with the latest scams online. You can read news websites and blogs that help you avoid making common yet harmful mistakes.

*Never open emails from people you don’t know or vaguely recognize. Phishing emails are commonplace and will often contain links that ask for your passwords and personal information or they may install malware onto your computer once opened.

*Always practice safe shopping by only purchasing online from websites that have a padlock icon in the address bar and their URL starts with HTTPS. It’s also advisable to use credit cards instead of debit cards as credit companies are more likely to reimburse you in case any fraudulent charges have been made.

*Create strong passwords that aren’t easy to guess. It’s especially important to have a secure password for banking online. If you’re using the same password for all of your online profiles, stop doing so!

*Make sure to have security software installed on all of your Internet capable devices. This is just one step to take in order to prevent cyber attacks and hacking. Also make sure that a firewall is installed if you’re using a computer.

Staying safe in a modern technology driven world isn’t an easy task. Every second someone’s identity is compromised and it could be yours if you’re not careful. Take the time to protect and safeguard your personal information because identity theft is hard to fight.